Durand Quilt Show 2011

I took the day off today  to enjoy sewing and attending the Durand (Michigan) Quilt Show.  I’m SO glad that I did!   There were so many quilts there that were beautiful, and I spent about an hour and a half viewing the show and taking pictures.  Lately, I find myself being drawn to the color grey, and this quilt popped right out at me for that reason. 
2011 Durand 057

Then I spotted the quilting!  I just loved this quilting design!2011 Durand 060

Most of the quilts at the show were machine quilted by a longarm quilter.  In fact, I am hoping that my two quilts in the show were not the only ones hand quilted, but I didn’t see any others with hand quilting.  It could be that there were more and I just didn’t see them.  when I was there it was VERY crowded (a good thing for the show sponsors!).

To see the rest of the photos that I took at this BEAUTIFUL show,
click on the link below.

I tried to get a good photo of the description sheet for each quilt I took a photo of, so those photos are also included.

Davison Quilt Show 2011

Quilting Gallery Contest


The Quilting Gallery is having their “Quilt of the Week” contest.  This week’s theme is “Flying Geese.”  My quilt (Ocean Waves) has Flying Geese in the border.

 Check out the contest and vote for your favorite!