Durand Quilt Show 2011

I took the day off today  to enjoy sewing and attending the Durand (Michigan) Quilt Show.  I’m SO glad that I did!   There were so many quilts there that were beautiful, and I spent about an hour and a half viewing the show and taking pictures.  Lately, I find myself being drawn to the color grey, and this quilt popped right out at me for that reason. 
2011 Durand 057

Then I spotted the quilting!  I just loved this quilting design!2011 Durand 060

Most of the quilts at the show were machine quilted by a longarm quilter.  In fact, I am hoping that my two quilts in the show were not the only ones hand quilted, but I didn’t see any others with hand quilting.  It could be that there were more and I just didn’t see them.  when I was there it was VERY crowded (a good thing for the show sponsors!).

To see the rest of the photos that I took at this BEAUTIFUL show,
click on the link below.

I tried to get a good photo of the description sheet for each quilt I took a photo of, so those photos are also included.

Davison Quilt Show 2011

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