Art of the Barista

The Michigan Quilt Artists Invitational 2011 is now in the Greater Flint Art’s Council gallery in Flint, Michigan, to begin touring for the next year.  I managed to make it to the gallery after work on Thursday and take some photos. I’d love to show you more, but I won’t show other people’s work until I get permission from the curator of the exhibit.  For now, here’s my entry, called

Art of the Barista




If you get a chance to see the exhibit as it tours the state of Michigan, please take the time to enjoy the artists’ work.  Lots of great ideas in this show!

Kitty-approved crib quilt

Top done 9172011 003

I finished sewing the top for my grandson’s quilt today… it actually went together pretty quickly, and a couple of hours today saw it done.  Now to put the three layers together and quilt it. I know the colors aren’t “baby like,” but for the first year he will be living in the master bedroom area, which is brown.   I’m hoping to have the  machine quilting completed by the end of next weekend.  The little guy isn’t due until early November, but I wanted to get it done early so I don’t have to worry about it.  And, I have other projects in the works as well.

Just so you know, it has been carefully checked out by the local quilt inspector.

Top done 9172011 001

The backing will be a blue print, the binding in the tan color. 

More photos when it’s all done.

Brown, blue, tan, fabric, thread

That’s better… I finally got some sewing in!  This quilt should grow a little more over the next couple of days.  My goal is to get it quilted this weekend.  It’s going to be crib size when it’s finished, as it’s for my grandson who is expected to show his cute little self in early November.  His bedroom is done up in browns, but it’s hard to make a baby quilt in brown!  So this is scrappy in tans, browns and blues. 


Check back later in the week for the rest of it to come to completion!

Out and about, little sewing accomplished

Download 9112011 054
I’ve been enjoying the outdoors on the weekends lately… and while I’m having fun, not many stitches are being sewn.  Dang! No, I don’t drive the bike. I ride on the back behind my talented hubby.  I am good at holding on!  I think this bike is a little too big for me… it weighs a LOT!  How do you like the helmet hair? This pic was taken at Buell Lake in the northern part of Genesee County, Michigan.  Beautiful, quiet, serene lake.
We did make it in to see the quilt show at Longway Planetarium Saturday, but I didn’t take many pictures, so there’s not much to show you.  I had planned to see the “Art of the Kitchen” exhibit at the Greater Flint Arts Council on Friday or Saturday.  We didn’t make it Friday night for the opening, but planned to go Saturday.  We stopped by after visiting Longway, but the lights were all off and we didn’t see a soul inside.  I have a quilt in the exhibit… and their hours are all weekdays, closing at 5:00. 

I’d like to be working on this quilt:
Download 9112011 049
Perhaps if you check back in a day or two I can show you more. 
After all, it IS supposed to rain tomorrow, which means I will be home in the evening after work, perhaps sewing. 

Slice, press, chain stitch, sing, press some more…




It was a relaxing John Taylor – John Mayer kind of evening. 

Lots of singing, sewing and pressing going on.

The perfect way to relax from a stressful day. 

More to come.




Have you heard about Pinterest?  Pinterest is a Virtual Pinboard. You know, like a corkboard, where you put up pictures of things you like to look at.  I just joined this weekend, and I can see some great ideas coming out of this.  Give it a try and see if you like it:

Here’s a sneak peek at a little corner of my board called

 “Quilts I love.”


Consider Participating

Commit to Fit! is a community-wide health behavior improvement initiative launched by the Greater Flint Health Coalition and its collective of partner organizations. By engaging local residents in fun, simple ways to practice healthy behaviors, residents can realize that a few simple lifestyle changes can set the path to improved health. The Commit to Fit! plan suggests 99 easy ways to better health, outlined in simple tools the community, businesses or your school can adopt and make their own. It also urges proper nutrition, hydration and rest as realistic ways to sneak healthy behaviors into your life.

I’m in a mission to become healthier, and have already lost 112 pounds.  There is a Commit to Fit program near you… go find it and join me on the path to fitness!

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