It’s Baby Week at the Mosey Household

Who doesn’t love a baby?  They are so much fun to hold, snuggle, sniff, kiss, hug, cuddle…

I’ve had the pleasure to cuddle and love on four Mosey babies so far:

Jacob2    DSCI0018 (1)

scan0001  Sean2weeks

But on Tuesday around noon, we are getting another Mosey baby to add to the mix – another adorable grandson!  We’re so excited, so pardon me if I don’t post as frequently this week – or if I post a whole lot more with baby pictures.  Sometimes you just can’t help yourself, you know!


Feathered Cheddar Goes to Blogger’s Quilt Festival

Visit the Blogger’s Quilt Festival and see this year’s quilts!


Hand appliqued


Hand quilted!

In the four-block style, a two-color quilt…

It’s called “Feathered Cheddar” by Caron Mosey

at Michigan Quiltsc 2011

Final Lap of Hand Quilting Spools

I’m wrapping up the border of quilted Baptist fans, and headed into the outer blue border and final row of spools!  I love the scrappy look of this quilt… and it’s been (mostly) fun to quilt.
I have done most of the quilting while watching  listening to the television.  It helps make me feel like I’m being more productive rather than a lazy lump.
I have really enjoyed getting all the emails from fellow hand quilters around the world since posting Hand Quilters, Unite! on October 21st.  My goal is to compile a list of bloggers who are primarily hand quilters on the sidebar so that we have a whole list of them.  You can help call attention to this project by putting the Hand Quilting button on your own blog!
To add the hand quilting button:
If you are using Blogger, go to your Blogger dashboard and to the DESIGN area.  When you get to the page that says Add and Arrange Page Elements, you want to add a gadget.
Choose to add the  HTML/JavaScript gadget, and on the right side of this blog page, copy the code that you see under the hand quilting button.  Paste that into the gadget, save it, and you’re good to go!

More Hand Quilting

Each hand quilter’s stitch is a little different than the next person’s.  Hand quilters have been practicing their skills for hundreds of years, and each person approaches the stitch slightly differently.  If you want to learn how to hand quilt, you can go and do a search for “hand quilting” tutorials” and watch as many quilters show how they accomplish their stitch.
State Fair 001
This photo is from the County Fair in Wolverine, Michigan in 1910. It was probably difficult to count the stitches per inch on these quilts, as they were hung from the rafters. But it’s a good idea for hand quilters to look carefully at their stitches and analyze their work.
I know my stitches have changed through the years.  A person’s quilting stitch will vary depending on the type of fabrics used in the quilt, the type of batting, the weather (yes!), and the health of their hands.  The quilt shown below, “Jack in the Beanstalk,” has quilting stitches that are spaced further apart than I would have liked.  I used a thicker batting for this quilt. and it was a real bear to stitch. 
Lorens quilt 001
I like to compare my stitches using a common tool – a penny.  The quilt below is my Tumbling Blocks quilt.  I  used Mountain Mist polyester batting in this quilt, and it is quite thin.  It has, on average, 10 stitches per penny width.

Made in 1986.

Rail Fence was also made during the same time period and has 10 stitches per penny width.  It was also made with Mountain Mist polyester batting.

Quilt judges look for stitch consistency on a quilt.  That means that each quilting stitch is about the same width, and has about the same distance between stitches.  My consistency on Tumbling Blocks is much better than on Rail Fence. 
If you quilt for your own enjoyment, then you’re not as concerned about what a judge thinks.  I used to enter just about every quilt show I could afford to enter “back in the day.”  Now, I rarely enter a quilt show, and when I do, it’s just so that someone other than myself can see the quilt “up close and personal.”  I like to watch my stitch status for my own purposes, not to impress anyone else. 
I am now using Hobbs 80/20 batting, and my stitch count is not as good as it used to be.  However, the quilts shown above are from 25 years ago, and my hands are older and the batting is thicker.  I could probably achieve the same 10 stitches per penny if I switched to a thin poly batt, but I like the look the Hobbs gives me.
How about you?  When was the last time you really inspected your stitch?

Saving Quilts You Like


I used to keep track of quilts I liked by saving a picture of them in a folder on my computer. The problem with that was that I could save the photo, but not information ABOUT the photo.  Things like who made the quilt, where it was taken, etc.  I’ve changed how I do things now.  Using Pinterest, I still save pictures of quilts I see that I fall in love with, but I can now save a link to where I originally saw the quilt, the name of the quiltmaker, or the quilt show, or the fabric line, etc.  Have you tried



To use Pinterest you need an invitation.  Let me know if you’d like one!

(Make sure I can respond to your request by enabling your email address in the comments)

Hand Quilters, Unite!

I get excited when I see someone hand quilting a quilt, don’t you?  Hand quilters are a dying breed. Visit any quilt show and you’re bound to see that close to  75 percent of the quilts have been machine quilted!   We need to bring attention to the hand quilters of the world and celebrate hand quilting!

I’d like to put a list of quilters on Michigan Quilts! who are predominately hand quilters, but I need your help.  If you are a hand quilter, let us know! 

Find a blog post you’ve already written – or write a new one – that includes a picture of a quilt you have hand quilted.  Use the link below to tell us the NAME OF YOUR QUILT and YOUR NAME, and direct us to your blog post by giving us the address to that post.  This is pretty easy to do – I know you can do it!  I’ll start us off by providing a link to a quilt I have hand quilted. 

Feel free to grab the Celebrate Hand Quilting button to put on your own page as well! 

Check out these wonderful hand quilted quilts, then add a link to one of your own hand quilted quilts.  Please, only one link per person!

There is Gray Everywhere When You’re Looking For It

I'm noticing the color gray (grey) everywhere I look lately.  Last night I went to dinner at the White Horse Inn in Metamora, Michigan with my friends Lisa and Marlee. The White Horse Innestablished in 1850,  is the oldest restaurant in Michigan.  I walked into the bathroom and smiled immediately. Had this been fabric on the walls, I probably would have peeled it off and stuffed it in my purse.  Beautiful gray striped wallpaper and floral border.  Yummy!  How many people do you know who take pictures of restroom walls?

I think I have a sickness…

I think I’m in love!

I have been going through a gray phase lately… No, I’m not depressed. I’ve been drawn to neutrals in quilts, particularly those with gray tones.  And then today in my email inbox I found an email from Pink Chalk Fabrics with this gorgeous line of fabrics.  I do think I’m in love!  Go check it out for yourself.  If you buy something, tell her that Caron sent you.  But please leave some for me!


Pippi Longstocking Jumper

Pippi-LongstockingMy adorable granddaughter is in love with the character Pippi Longstocking and wanted to dress up like her for Halloween this year.  Grammy to the rescue!

I took a regular jumper pattern in a size 4, sewed it as directed, then added the necessary patches (in batik prints) to make it look like Pippi’s.  Yesterday I gave it to Samantha and it fit like a charm.  She will add the required pigtails and mismatched socks to complete the look.  You can’t see it, but there are more patches on the back and sides.


A happy little girl, looking forward to Halloween!

Bottoms up! A great day for quilting!

Beginning at age 50, both men and women should be screened for cancer and polyps, and a colonoscopy is suggested every 10 years.  Yesterday was my day, and I got it out of the way early.  I left home at 7:30 AM and arrived at the center shortly after 8 AM.  By 10:00 AM I was sitting in my leather chair at home hand quilting my spools quilt! It was easy, quite quick and painless.  I got a little IV poke in my hand, and was out almost immediately.  Other than the little IV poke, I felt nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  The day before the colonoscopy is the most dreaded day of all, as much of the time is spent in the bathroom preparing.  But I looked at it as a way to get some reading done, and that I did!  

Stormie, my cat, was delighted to have me home most of the day.  She laid on my lap or on the top of my chair and watched me quilt for most of the day.  I got a lot accomplished!  As I couldn't drive for 24 hours, there was nowhere to go, so (SHUCKS) I couldn't go in to work.  Might as well relax with some stitching, right?

So if you need a day off and want to get a lot accomplished, have some peace of mind and piecing to do, a colonoscopy is the way to go!  Tell them that Caron sent you.  Maybe they'll give you a discount.
P.S.  I have a clean bill of health!