Reinforcement Through Amish Quilt Exhibit

I recently posted that I had reached an affirming decision regarding my direction in quilting.  I am a hand quilter, no doubt about it, and it’s time that I recognized that fact and dedicated myself to it 100 percent.  That decision was clearly affirmed yesterday when The Woodworker and I visited the Amish Quilt Exhibit at the Flint Institute of Arts. 

Amish Quilts 024

All of the quilts in this exhibit were hand quilted, and I was amazed at the tiny stitches and beautiful designs.  The art is not as much in the choice of colors or fancy patterns in the fabrics for me as it is in the quilting itself.  This is what I love. 

Amish Quilts 021

The quality of these photos is not good, and I apologize for that.   Taken with my Blackberry so as to not use a flash, they are poor at best.  But I hope it gives you an idea of what is present at the exhibit.  All of the quilts are from the collection of Marsha and Thomas French, and they are stunning.  If you are able, please go see this beautiful collection.

 You can read more about the exhibit here.