Hand quilting spools

The Spools quilt is being hand quilted… About one-fourth complete thus far.
Caron Mosey

Michigan Quilts!: http:// caronmosey.com/

How Michigan Quilts! came to be

The blog “As Sweet as Cinnamon” is wondering how people found the name for their blog.  Check out the blog entry at http://dawnhaydesigns.blogspot.com/2011/10/whats-your-name.html and then follow the steps to tell the world how your blog came to be named.  You can even win a a  Moda charm pack!

When I started blogging I already had a URL with my domain name, caronmosey.com.  I was in real estate for a few years, and the domain name was used for business purposes.  But when the real estate market tanked here in Michigan, I decided I'd had enough and quit.  As I had the domain name paid for for several years, I decided to use it for my blog.  I didn't want to call my blog by my own name… that seemed pretty conceited to me.  I know some people do that, but it's just not me.  I'm proud of being a Michigander, and we have a lot of great quilters in our state.  So the name “Michigan Quilts!” seemed perfect.  

Did you notice the exclamation point in the name?  Yes, that's part of the name!  Michigan DOES quilt, and we do so quite nicely, thank you very much!  

How did YOUR blog get named?