A peek at some machine and hand quilting

Do you remember the Polka Pots quilt that I made for my granddaughter for Christmas?  I gave it to my friend Lisa to quilt for me.  Lisa is a longarm quilter and does a fantastic job!  I got the quilt back last night, and I’m in LOVE with the quilting that she did!  I told her to do whatever she felt it needed.  I didn’t want it too heavily quilted, so that it would be soft.  Sometimes when you quilt something a lot it looks beautiful but is more stiff.  This is supposed to be a cuddly quilt for a little girl.  It still needs me to put the binding on (which I love doing), but here is a sneak peek:

This is a little peek at the back…

Polka Pots 006

A peek at the front…

A close-up of a block…

And on my Spools quilt I started hand quilting the tan border with Baptist fans…

Hand quilting is perfect while watching the Detroit Tigers and the New York Yankees play ball.

Goooooo, Tigers!

I’m struggling… your feedback is appreciated

This is a question for readers who belong to a quilt guild 

(that is not the guild I belong to):

Does your guild support one quilt shop or several?   By “support” I mean give mention about a shop in your newsletter, in guild meetings, on your website, or include the shop/s in any promotions that your guild might have (advertising in their shop/s for quilt raffles, quilt shows for your guild, etc.)? 
My feeling is that a guild usually represents quilters not just from one community, but from a larger surrounding area.  Owning a quilt shop in these troubled times is a daunting task, as costs are high and the economy is struggling.  I think the more shops there are, the  better for quilters.  Therefore, it is wise to not focus on just one shop, but “spread the wealth.”  
What happens when you have one, two or more owners of different shops that belong to your guild?   What does your guild do to not show favoritism? If you favor one shop, it’s not really fair to the others to dis them.  But if you are shop-neutral, then the individual members of your guild and the general public will absorb the information that they have and shop where they choose.  

I’m just looking for information on what other guilds do with this issue… and your two cents is valuable!

Note:  Comments for this post are being moderated, as I’d like to get comments from quilters who are NOT a part of the guild I am in.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.