A peek at some machine and hand quilting

Do you remember the Polka Pots quilt that I made for my granddaughter for Christmas?  I gave it to my friend Lisa to quilt for me.  Lisa is a longarm quilter and does a fantastic job!  I got the quilt back last night, and I’m in LOVE with the quilting that she did!  I told her to do whatever she felt it needed.  I didn’t want it too heavily quilted, so that it would be soft.  Sometimes when you quilt something a lot it looks beautiful but is more stiff.  This is supposed to be a cuddly quilt for a little girl.  It still needs me to put the binding on (which I love doing), but here is a sneak peek:

This is a little peek at the back…

Polka Pots 006

A peek at the front…

A close-up of a block…

And on my Spools quilt I started hand quilting the tan border with Baptist fans…

Hand quilting is perfect while watching the Detroit Tigers and the New York Yankees play ball.

Goooooo, Tigers!

2 thoughts on “A peek at some machine and hand quilting

  1. Wow she did a beautiful job on that quilt, I love it! Your Baptist Fans look great, Caron, perfect for that border. I sure hope the Tigers win tonight…I can't even watch!


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