It’s Spring Somewhere

It’s no secret that I live in Michigan (United States).  In Michigan, we have four distinct seasons, each unique in climate, activities, and appearance.  My favorite season is fall (autumn).  I love the colors of fall: the crispness in the air, the scent of the leaves, and watching the animals and birds prepare for winter.

Here are some photos I just took outside while The Woodworker grilled chicken:


The colors of fall in Michigan inspired my Ocean Waves quilt, shown below.  I think this is still my favorite quilt of all that I have made.  It was machine pieced and hand quilted.


It’s difficult to see from this photo, but the quilt has a lot of half-square triangles in blues and greens, surrounded by flying geese patches in the same colors with pieces of gold and burgundy.  The quilt is in the Ocean Waves pattern.


The quilt above is a Bear’s Paw pattern, also with green, rust, tan and burgundy colors.  The quilt is all hand pieced and hand quilted.  I worked on this quilt during the last few months of my mother’s life as I sat with her.  Each time I finished a square, she would put it on her lap and stroke it and say how pretty it was.  It’s my favorite quilt to cuddle with. 

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