A Leaf Tour to Lansing and Back

Michigan.  October.  Eighty degrees outside.  Beautiful leaves to see.  Motorcycle.

Sounds like a trip on the bike is in order! 

The Woodworker suggested we take a ride to Lansing and stop at the quilt store and a gallery.  Yes, you read that correctly… it was HIS idea!  Totally!  Now, I don’t know any quilter in her right mind who would turn down a trip like that, do you?  So we took non-expressway roads through the country to East Lansing, home of Michigan State University.  (My apologies to my fellow University of Michigan Alumni…) and we went to Country Stitches. 


I wanted to pick up some additional cream/beige prints for the backgrounds of basket blocks that I started making a year or more ago.  I ran out of them, and have been holding off until I could get some more.  Every block has a different print fabric for the basket, and each background is different as well.


So this is what I bought today:

I was only going to buy neutrals, but I fell in love with both of these… The color above is more accurate than the photo below, but I love the print so wanted to share a close-up.  Yummy!

Now I have no excuse for sewing more basket blocks!