A Leaf Tour to Lansing and Back

Michigan.  October.  Eighty degrees outside.  Beautiful leaves to see.  Motorcycle.

Sounds like a trip on the bike is in order! 

The Woodworker suggested we take a ride to Lansing and stop at the quilt store and a gallery.  Yes, you read that correctly… it was HIS idea!  Totally!  Now, I don’t know any quilter in her right mind who would turn down a trip like that, do you?  So we took non-expressway roads through the country to East Lansing, home of Michigan State University.  (My apologies to my fellow University of Michigan Alumni…) and we went to Country Stitches. 


I wanted to pick up some additional cream/beige prints for the backgrounds of basket blocks that I started making a year or more ago.  I ran out of them, and have been holding off until I could get some more.  Every block has a different print fabric for the basket, and each background is different as well.


So this is what I bought today:

I was only going to buy neutrals, but I fell in love with both of these… The color above is more accurate than the photo below, but I love the print so wanted to share a close-up.  Yummy!

Now I have no excuse for sewing more basket blocks! 

4 thoughts on “A Leaf Tour to Lansing and Back

  1. Nice choices. I love any basket blocks.

    It is just gorgeous here in Michigan and hard to believe these temps.

    I am sure you enjoyed your ride! We were going to take the bike over to the thumb, but instead drove it and visited Sisters in Quilting quilt shop in Marlette, Michigan. And it was the hubby's idea too!!


  2. It is gorgeous here today too. (Illinois). 75 and sunny, blue skies. Drove along the Fox River and it was beautiful. The colors were so pretty and everything was so brilliant
    Love the basket blocks Basket quilts are my favorite!! Good job on the fabrics you picked up.


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