Bottoms up! A great day for quilting!

Beginning at age 50, both men and women should be screened for cancer and polyps, and a colonoscopy is suggested every 10 years.  Yesterday was my day, and I got it out of the way early.  I left home at 7:30 AM and arrived at the center shortly after 8 AM.  By 10:00 AM I was sitting in my leather chair at home hand quilting my spools quilt! It was easy, quite quick and painless.  I got a little IV poke in my hand, and was out almost immediately.  Other than the little IV poke, I felt nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  The day before the colonoscopy is the most dreaded day of all, as much of the time is spent in the bathroom preparing.  But I looked at it as a way to get some reading done, and that I did!  

Stormie, my cat, was delighted to have me home most of the day.  She laid on my lap or on the top of my chair and watched me quilt for most of the day.  I got a lot accomplished!  As I couldn't drive for 24 hours, there was nowhere to go, so (SHUCKS) I couldn't go in to work.  Might as well relax with some stitching, right?

So if you need a day off and want to get a lot accomplished, have some peace of mind and piecing to do, a colonoscopy is the way to go!  Tell them that Caron sent you.  Maybe they'll give you a discount.
P.S.  I have a clean bill of health!