Hand Quilters, Unite!

I get excited when I see someone hand quilting a quilt, don’t you?  Hand quilters are a dying breed. Visit any quilt show and you’re bound to see that close to  75 percent of the quilts have been machine quilted!   We need to bring attention to the hand quilters of the world and celebrate hand quilting!

I’d like to put a list of quilters on Michigan Quilts! who are predominately hand quilters, but I need your help.  If you are a hand quilter, let us know! 

Find a blog post you’ve already written – or write a new one – that includes a picture of a quilt you have hand quilted.  Use the link below to tell us the NAME OF YOUR QUILT and YOUR NAME, and direct us to your blog post by giving us the address to that post.  This is pretty easy to do – I know you can do it!  I’ll start us off by providing a link to a quilt I have hand quilted. 

Feel free to grab the Celebrate Hand Quilting button to put on your own page as well! 

Check out these wonderful hand quilted quilts, then add a link to one of your own hand quilted quilts.  Please, only one link per person!

There is Gray Everywhere When You’re Looking For It

I'm noticing the color gray (grey) everywhere I look lately.  Last night I went to dinner at the White Horse Inn in Metamora, Michigan with my friends Lisa and Marlee. The White Horse Innestablished in 1850,  is the oldest restaurant in Michigan.  I walked into the bathroom and smiled immediately. Had this been fabric on the walls, I probably would have peeled it off and stuffed it in my purse.  Beautiful gray striped wallpaper and floral border.  Yummy!  How many people do you know who take pictures of restroom walls?

I think I have a sickness…