Final Lap of Hand Quilting Spools

I’m wrapping up the border of quilted Baptist fans, and headed into the outer blue border and final row of spools!  I love the scrappy look of this quilt… and it’s been (mostly) fun to quilt.
I have done most of the quilting while watching  listening to the television.  It helps make me feel like I’m being more productive rather than a lazy lump.
I have really enjoyed getting all the emails from fellow hand quilters around the world since posting Hand Quilters, Unite! on October 21st.  My goal is to compile a list of bloggers who are primarily hand quilters on the sidebar so that we have a whole list of them.  You can help call attention to this project by putting the Hand Quilting button on your own blog!
To add the hand quilting button:
If you are using Blogger, go to your Blogger dashboard and to the DESIGN area.  When you get to the page that says Add and Arrange Page Elements, you want to add a gadget.
Choose to add the  HTML/JavaScript gadget, and on the right side of this blog page, copy the code that you see under the hand quilting button.  Paste that into the gadget, save it, and you’re good to go!

8 thoughts on “Final Lap of Hand Quilting Spools

  1. I “watch” “listen” to a lot of tv also – mainly old NCIS, Criminal Minds type of shows that I have already seen so it doesn't matter if I miss some of the action – I have already seen it but I like to listen.
    I have been checking out the blogs listed on the hand quilting also and have enjoyed seeing new to me blogs.


  2. Love the spool quilt, I have managed to bet the button on my blog, thank you for your help.
    I am going to take some picture of one of my other quilts today and add to my post.
    Love the idea with the list…


  3. That is a gorgeous quilt! I just love the spool quilts. Very beautiful colors.

    I am going to add myself, I think to the hand quilters. I am getting my quilt frame moved up from the basement so that I can begin hand quilting again.

    I'll add the button to my blog too!


  4. Love how this quilt is coming along. It is beautiful. I love to handquilt and handpiece, just find to get more projects done to machine piece and send out my big quilts to be quilted. I have way too many ideas of things to play with!!


  5. I love spool quilts and yours is very nice. I love to hand quilt also, it is so therapeutic.
    I added your button to my blog. I love browsing quilting blogs and I am always on the look out for hand quilted quilts. If only others could understand how therapeutic and rewarding hand quilting can be.


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