It’s a Pineapple Quilt Day!

pineappleIf you’re  a hand quilter, you definitely need to go over to Tim’s blog and see his brand new Pineapple quilt!  The amount of hand quilting on it is astounding, and he has only worked on it since June. 

There’s a great binding tutorial on Stitched in Color that you also might want to check out.  It’s the method I use, except that I don’t zigzag the binding at the end.  I always sew the back side of the binding by hand.  But this method is great for doing miters.

If you are a regular reader of Michigan Quilts! you know that I have a day job that has nothing to do with fabric.  I took some time off this week for the birth of my grandson, Fischer.  Tuesday and Wednesday, I spent time at the hospital getting to know him, cuddling, holding, and all the wonderfulness that comes with a new baby.  This morning, I watched The Quilt Show’s episode with quilt artist and author Gyleen Fitzgerald, which was delightful! Gyleen showed us how she makes pieced pineapple quilts, and shows a great ruler for creating them.  I need to get her ruler, as that is one quilt I’ve thought about making. 

Towards the end of the show, Gyleenleslie_caron talked about how she got her name, which was very interesting and made me think about names.  I was adopted at four months old, and my mother loved the actress Leslie Caron, so she picked the name Caron as my first name.  Her best life-long friend, Alma Zivic, had a little girl whose middle name was Lee, so I was given the same middle name, leaving me as Caron Lee.

When I started high school, every student shared a locker with another person.  I imagine that the office staff had a fun time partnering people up for lockers, as I was assigned to a locker with a girl who was one year ahead of me.  Her name?  Caron Lee!  We are friends on Facebook, and continue to tease each other about our names to this day. 

sweetbabyMy grandson, Fischer also has a unique middle name.  Fischer Hayes Mosey takes his middle name from his Great Grandfather, Robert Hayes Covert.  Not only is it my father’s middle name, but it is also my brother’s, my nephew Brendan’s, and my grandpa Covert’s middle name.  The name goes back in the family as a last name to the late 1700’s, as Hayes was my Grandpa Covert’s grandmother’s last name.The name may go back farther, but that’s as far as we’ve been able to trace it.  It’s such a distinguished name: Fischer Hayes Mosey. I think he’ll be a president, CEO, or rocket scientist someday!

How did you get YOUR name?