Get your “Eggface” on!

My regular readers know that on October 18, 2010 I had bariatric surgery to  help me lose weight.  I am now 124 pounds smaller than I was then, and I feel absolutely fantastic!  Compare the two pictures below:

July10.2010   November2011

One of my favorite websites that is food and surgery related is The World According to Eggface. Whether you have had surgery or are planning on having it in the future, her site has some great recipes for healthy food.  Check it out by clicking on her logo below!


Did you guess right? Quilting, knit and crochet vocabulary

Did you figure it out?  One term in each list does not belong. Did you spot it?

Quilting List


fabric thread applique’ stitching
rocking stitch piecing baste hook
batting thimble sandwich long arm

Knit and Crochet List


yarn afghan garter stitch counters
circular needle gauge bind off bias
slipped stitch purl chain point protectors