Ready to start hand quilting

Some time ago I wrote a post about a quilt that a group of quilters from around the world has been working on for President Obama.  I ordered the backing fabric for it today, and after Thanksgiving will start to hand quilt it. 

Here’s the backing fabric I chose for it:

ObamaBackingI purchased the fabric from

Cream, Champagne, Sand
This vibrant blender is rich with textural qualities and done using a monochromatic palette that is sure to add just the right touch of visual interest to the back and borders of your latest project. Please prewash and allow for up to 7% shrinkage. 108″ wide quilt backing, tonal blender from the ‘Quilter’s Blenders’ collection.



Kathy Timmons designed the layout and sewed our blocks together with a beautiful setting that incorporated a stunning stripe by Marcus Fabrics called “Indigo, Pewter and Honey” from Judie Rothermel.  I tried my best to find some of the fabric from that line to use on the back, but no luck.  So this is a good neutral that will work with it.  The stripe has a bit of a gold color in it, and with our cream background will look quite nice.  The binding that Kathy (so nicely) prepared for us is in the blue stripe as well, so I think it will be perfect!

I will keep the members of the Yes We Can, Jane group informed of the quilting progress on my blog so that they – and all my readers – can see how it goes, one block at a time.  Keep coming back to this blog to see when your block/s are finished being quilted. 

I am so excited about this, and I hope you are as well!

Every Square Inch

I spent most of the day yesterday at Great Lakes Crossing shopping with a new friend.  I do believe we covered just about every square inch of the mall, which is huge!  I desperately needed clothes since my weight loss, she needed lots of warm clothes for winter in Michigan (since moving here from a warmer climate recently).  Our tastes in styles and colors match to a T, and shopping was a real pleasure for me.

I previously thought I was the only girl in the world who hated shopping.  I really disliked walking through crowds carrying a big, heavy purse and wearing a coat in a hot mall.  Nothing ever fit, I wanted everything to be big enough and styled to hide parts I didn’t want seen.  Now, finally, I can admit to the Sisterhood:

I get it!

Apologies to my hubby for making a big dent in our checkbook.