Every Square Inch

I spent most of the day yesterday at Great Lakes Crossing shopping with a new friend.  I do believe we covered just about every square inch of the mall, which is huge!  I desperately needed clothes since my weight loss, she needed lots of warm clothes for winter in Michigan (since moving here from a warmer climate recently).  Our tastes in styles and colors match to a T, and shopping was a real pleasure for me.

I previously thought I was the only girl in the world who hated shopping.  I really disliked walking through crowds carrying a big, heavy purse and wearing a coat in a hot mall.  Nothing ever fit, I wanted everything to be big enough and styled to hide parts I didn’t want seen.  Now, finally, I can admit to the Sisterhood:

I get it!

Apologies to my hubby for making a big dent in our checkbook.

One thought on “Every Square Inch

  1. Well GOOD FOR YOU!!! I used to love to shop, now I only love it if it's for fabric, lol. I've never been to that mall…my aunt lives near it, but gosh I hate malls anymore.


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