Ready to start hand quilting

Some time ago I wrote a post about a quilt that a group of quilters from around the world has been working on for President Obama.  I ordered the backing fabric for it today, and after Thanksgiving will start to hand quilt it. 

Here’s the backing fabric I chose for it:

ObamaBackingI purchased the fabric from

Cream, Champagne, Sand
This vibrant blender is rich with textural qualities and done using a monochromatic palette that is sure to add just the right touch of visual interest to the back and borders of your latest project. Please prewash and allow for up to 7% shrinkage. 108″ wide quilt backing, tonal blender from the ‘Quilter’s Blenders’ collection.



Kathy Timmons designed the layout and sewed our blocks together with a beautiful setting that incorporated a stunning stripe by Marcus Fabrics called “Indigo, Pewter and Honey” from Judie Rothermel.  I tried my best to find some of the fabric from that line to use on the back, but no luck.  So this is a good neutral that will work with it.  The stripe has a bit of a gold color in it, and with our cream background will look quite nice.  The binding that Kathy (so nicely) prepared for us is in the blue stripe as well, so I think it will be perfect!

I will keep the members of the Yes We Can, Jane group informed of the quilting progress on my blog so that they – and all my readers – can see how it goes, one block at a time.  Keep coming back to this blog to see when your block/s are finished being quilted. 

I am so excited about this, and I hope you are as well!

2 thoughts on “Ready to start hand quilting

  1. Caron, I love all those DJ blocks in the quilt! I'm sure President and Mrs. Obama will cherish it. I will be watching with much interest how you quilt it. I am currently quilting my own DJ.

    Kathy did a spectacular job setting the blocks together.


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