Three Rivers, Michigan

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I had put a gadget on my blog that shows where my visitors come from.  It’s fun to see people visiting from all over the world!   There has been someone regularly visiting from a place called “Three Rivers, Michigan.”  I had never heard of that location, so looked it up on the map.  It’s 151 miles away from me to the southwest.
I’ve noticed since mentioning that fact that the person seems to be on the same time schedule as me.  When I’m on, that person also seems to be on the website.  Today I realized that the person from Three Rivers, Michigan is none other than….

We have high speed Internet through Comcast.  It comes to us from… Three Rivers, Michigan. Michigan

On the map above, I am at point A to the north.   Three Rivers is at point B to the south. 
151 miles away.

Things are not always as they seem. Good grief!