Decisions, decisions…

I finished my Spools quilt… you can see it in a few days.  I really like how it turned out, and I even remembered to put a label on it.  Aren't you proud of me?

So I'm now looking at my list of projects and prioritizing.  I've done really well on sticking to my list, but I'm feeling a little bit iffy right now.  Here is what I have on the list:
  • Hand Quilt the “Yes We Can, Jane” quilt – needs to be prepared for quilting in the hoop – backing ironed, sandwich put together, stretched, basted/pinned – this is my first priority, then I can hand quilt at will during the cold winter months!
  • Barn Owl quilt – the top is about 1/2 finished, then it needs quilted (machine)
  • Scrappy Baskets – This is a full-size bed quilt for me, myself and I
  • Redwork Owls – Needs a few hours put into it before I hand quilt it… the few hours are to repair a measurement boo-boo I made.  You know how that goes!
  • Christmas Siggie Quilt from my DJ online group – I think I'm way too late to get anything done with this for this Christmas, don't you?
  • Add to list:  Double Irish Chain queen-size bed quilt for our bed to replace worn and and tattered quilt that is there now.  It should go together quickly, I have all the fabrics, and will machine quilt this for quick use
On top of all of this, I have committed to undertake a large project which will take up considerable time over the next 18 months – 2 years.  That's my best guess…
What to do?  What to do?  How do YOU make your decisions like this?

10 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions…

  1. I kind of make out an informal list of what I want to get done in the upcoming year, but somehow too many small projects get in the way! When I put a big quilt on the frame I always know it will take 6-10 months of off and on work before it gets done, I am so slow with it. I have 3 finished tops waiting in line so I need to pick out one and get busy with it next year.


  2. I am a terrible decision maker. I sometimes choose based on what needs to be finished first, other times just on what sounds like fun. I must keep it enjoyable, or there is no joy in the making. And, there must be joy! Good luck.


  3. Lists, I make headers for each page and put the project on the appropriate page and go from there. I usually find some projects are far closer to finished so I get at those first. And try to not start new ones! Yeah right!


  4. I'm terrible at things like this. But lately, I've been putting my projects in plastic bins and whatever I pull off the top gets my attention ! It's a sad way to make decisions, I know, but otherwise I'd be stuck in the mud.


  5. I like to have a variety of projects started. I applique and piece in the summer months and in the winter I hand quilt. I also throw in small projects throughout the year so I don't get too bogged down. I agree with Jill, I have to keep it fun. I just wish I could get things done faster. I just started hand quilting a king size double Irish chain that will hopefully be finished by spring, when the bedroom gets a new coat of paint.


  6. Dart Board! write the things to do on paper and throw a dart…whatever you hit is the one to do….
    Honestly I can never decide what to do next either….and I have thought of the dart board method….but I usually just work a bit on everything until one thing takes over


  7. Sometimes the best thing for me to do is figure out the project that is most captivating to my mind AND THEN make myself finish up one stage of another project that is going to be tedious or less interesting at the moment. Only after that quilt has the required attention will I allow myself to get to work on the project I really want to work on.:) Good luck!


  8. Wow Caron that is a lot! I suggest you get the Jane quilt ready for hand-quilting…then if any other project stalls, you can still make some forward progress, in a relaxed manner. Usually I end up stuffing all the projects away and starting something new….


  9. which one is talking to you the most?
    of course I can't wait to see that scrappy basket one….I have been working on a scrappy basket quilt…
    maybe the DIC since you can get it done fast and it will feel as if you accomplished something?
    or hmmm the redwork owls so you have a hand quilting project to work on too?
    good luck!


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