Grinch for a minute

It’s always good to be positive, upbeat, cheerful, happy, smiling, and supportive of others.  It IS, right?

But what if someone gave you one minute where you could be the exact opposite?   Just for ONE MINUTE?

I’m giving you permission.  Take a few seconds to think… close your eyes, imagine yourself as a green quilting Grinch.  What ONE THING in the  world of quilting do you just despise?  Now, don’t pick on any particular individual or company.  Let’s not be hurtful here… But unleash your inner Grinch and leave a comment about what one thing you despise about quilting, and then be done with it.  Release it into the atmosphere, never to be thought of again. 

I’ll go first.  

I don’t like some of the newer colors in fabrics; particularly the lime green, teal blue, bright yellows and reds.  They nauseate me, especially when mixed together.  
Oh, the Who-manity.”    But then,    One man’s toxic sludge is another man’s potpourri.

There.  I feel better.
Your turn.