Grinch for a minute

It’s always good to be positive, upbeat, cheerful, happy, smiling, and supportive of others.  It IS, right?

But what if someone gave you one minute where you could be the exact opposite?   Just for ONE MINUTE?

I’m giving you permission.  Take a few seconds to think… close your eyes, imagine yourself as a green quilting Grinch.  What ONE THING in the  world of quilting do you just despise?  Now, don’t pick on any particular individual or company.  Let’s not be hurtful here… But unleash your inner Grinch and leave a comment about what one thing you despise about quilting, and then be done with it.  Release it into the atmosphere, never to be thought of again. 

I’ll go first.  

I don’t like some of the newer colors in fabrics; particularly the lime green, teal blue, bright yellows and reds.  They nauseate me, especially when mixed together.  
Oh, the Who-manity.”    But then,    One man’s toxic sludge is another man’s potpourri.

There.  I feel better.
Your turn.

12 thoughts on “Grinch for a minute

  1. LOL – I so agree with Carla – it bugs the heck out of me when someone in a quilt group talks about all the quilts they make when I have never seen them take a stitch! We have one lady who makes tons of tops but always and I mean always sends them out – she admits she has never quilted in her life – but calls herself a quilter.


  2. LOL, and I love the new colors…let's see…I despise having to pick colors. I'm rubbish at it. I also hate endless piecing, rubbish at that as well. No patience for it, yet I can sit and hand quilt for days on end, lol!


  3. Okay now that I have picked myself up from the floor laughing so hard…(btw it is hard now to be serious after that post)
    When a quilter shows her gorgeous quilt with pride and there are ohhh`s and ahhh`s and no one sees the error until the maker points it out no matter how small. Just let us enjoy it we probably think that it is charming and part of the quilt.
    There never to be repeated…what a great christmas gift this is…back to reading what others are going to say.


  4. I have to admit I am turned off by something called a “quilt” which is nothing but wall art. Fuse a bunch of cut pieces on a background and run machine stitching all over it and glue on a bit of beads and maybe some paint and trimmings. Even with the raw edges fraying out, they seem to make it into shows.


  5. I get peeved at the magazines who show quilts of traditional blocks then they have the gall to rename (or ignore the name) of the blocks and act like they invented it themselves. We have to ask permission to make the quilt and show it in a show. Bullocks I say!

    ….Too much British tv on PBS do ya think?

    BTW… I really missed the meeting tonight…heck with snow and ice… I went to work I wanted to play… boo hoo.



  6. I don't like the differentiation between “modern” quilters and traditional quilters. Where do Infit in? I love bright colors and lots of white space but I also love traditional blocks and hand piecing and hand quilting. So…..what am I?


  7. Quilt blogs that tell you they are working on something right now but they can't tell you about it! Usually means they are going to be in a book/mag.
    That's absolutely great for them but why even mention something you can't mention?!
    Oh…and there can never be too much British TV can there?!


  8. O.k. my turn!
    I sincerely do not like comments of quilters who “suggest” what others “should” do. This can be in a quilt show (“you should have used method xyz, I always use that”) or where a quilt is in their eyes, not correct (“you should have used more red/less applique/more silk”).

    There is no “You should”. “I should” is far better. But one way or another, that never is said by this kind of quilter…
    Foremost, have fun quilting!


  9. I can't think of anything that I absolutely HATE but I love the Grinch so I must play along. I am not fond of the phrase “modern quilting”. It's a poorly defined concept yet everyone is jumping on the bandwagon!


  10. My pet peeve is when I buy a book and read the inside cover and see that's it copyrighted and all original designs of the author…and there's a 9 patch or Jacobs Ladder! Robert someboby, who submits to MeCall's did an EXACT copy of a Rose Kretsinger quilt and called it his own. They did publish a retraction saying “he was INPSIRED by a vintage piece” Give me a break!


  11. I have no problem being a grinch!…I have a grinch t-shirt that I love. So what do I hate abut the current quilting world? If I had to pick just one thing, and I can't mention any names of tv personalities, I would have to say I hate hate hate it when I see a vintage quilt top that someone “quilted” on a long arm machine in an overall meandering swirling mess of a pattern that is entirely inappropriate for the quilt top and then believes they have done a good thing. It makes me want to cry. Save the long are for new quilts!


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