Get your “Eggface” on!

My regular readers know that on October 18, 2010 I had bariatric surgery to  help me lose weight.  I am now 124 pounds smaller than I was then, and I feel absolutely fantastic!  Compare the two pictures below:

July10.2010   November2011

One of my favorite websites that is food and surgery related is The World According to Eggface. Whether you have had surgery or are planning on having it in the future, her site has some great recipes for healthy food.  Check it out by clicking on her logo below!


Did you guess right? Quilting, knit and crochet vocabulary

Did you figure it out?  One term in each list does not belong. Did you spot it?

Quilting List


fabric thread applique’ stitching
rocking stitch piecing baste hook
batting thimble sandwich long arm

Knit and Crochet List


yarn afghan garter stitch counters
circular needle gauge bind off bias
slipped stitch purl chain point protectors

Quilting, crocheting and knitting

Let's play preschool ala Sesame Street, to the tune of “One of these things is not like the others?”

Here are the lyrics, in case you forgot them:

One of these things is not like the others,


One of these things just doesn't belong,


Can you tell which thing is not like the others


By the time I finish my song?

Quilting List
rocking stitch
Knit and Crochet List
garter stitch
circular needle
bind off
slipped stitch
point protectors
One term in each list does not belong.  Can you spot it?
NOTE:  please don't reveal the answers in the comments area… that will spoil it for the others who want to play!  I'll announce the correct answers on Sunday.

knitting a quilt????? NO!

By  Patrick D. Rosso, Town Correspondent
Uphams Corner’s Strand Theatre will celebrate its 93rd birthday Friday.
To celebrate the occasion, the theater will be opening its doors to the public and showing off two brand new exhibits.

There will be a display of 93 quilts knitted by the New England Quilting Guild, along with a showing of Phyllis Toben Bancroft’s award winning film “Burned”.

Along with the short film and quilts, there will also be a color guard on hand to salute Veterans Day, as well as performers from the Boston Dance Companyamong other community groups performing on the theater’s community stage
Admission to the event is free and the celebration starts at 4 p.m. Nov. 11.
More information about the event and the theater can be found on the Strand’swebsite.
Email Patrick D. Rosso, Follow him @PDRosso, or friend him on Facebook.
Note to Mr. Posso,
Quilts are not KNITTED!  Knitting is done with yarn.  Quilts are made out of fabric, sewn together and either hand or machine quilted.  Please see the link below for examples of what quilts are.  I’m sure the New England Quilting Guild will be in contact with you!
Caron Mosey, Ed.S. and Hand Quilter
         Michigan Quilts!:

Edited 10:23 11-11-11  Thanks to Mr. Rosso for his quick fix of this boo-boo after I emailed him!

It’s November… Let’s Think Flowers!

What are your favorite flowers?  Every year about this time I think, “I should plant some tulip and daffodil bulbs out back.”  And every year… I don’t.  Why is that?

Caron Lee Flower ShopI love flowers.  My dad was a florist, so I was raised in the flower shop. (See my name on the building?) In fact, for the first six years of my life, we also lived there!  The shop was in one part of the building, we were in the other… and my bedroom was right over the top of the workroom.  My first “official” job was around age four, when dad would give me a small, badly worn broom, and I would sweep for him.  I can still remember all the stem clippings, rose leaves, thorns and what have you all piled up on the square linoleum tiles.

Light_Pink_Carnation_Flower_300I don’t know why, but my favorite flowers are carnations.  Pink.  I think it has a lot to do with the scent.  They were the first flower dad would let me work with.  He taught me so carefully how to cut the stem on a slant with a sharp knife so they would take up water better.  Funny how I can remember that like it was yesterday!  daisy

I also like daisies.  There are so many different varieties to choose from! daisy-flower

Here I sit, November 9th, still no bulbs purchased to plant.  The wind is howling outside, somebody else’s trash can has blown into my yard, and I’m thinking about flowers. It’s even supposed to snow this week!  YIKES!

What is YOUR favorite flower?

What do you do…

when you really want to post something every day, but don’t have anything new to show?


You post something old. 

Don’t you love summer flowers? Now that autumn is here in the United States (and winter is not far behind, you can bring them inside with this tan and blue pillow with yellow accents! The cross stitched flowers sing around the center of the pillow; the quilted edging in three colors ties in all the flowers and makes them jump alive in your home!
The pillow has been designed with your needs in mind. The polyester pillow form pops out easily with a velcro fastener on the back. Dry cleaning is suggested for the 16 inch square pillow top.






This pillow is available for purchase and would make a GREAT Christmas gift for someone on your list! 

Polka Pots for Samantha

As promised, pictures of the finished quilt:


The quilt I made for granddaughter Samantha for Christmas 2011 is now complete:

Polka Pots

by Caron Mosey

Longarm quilted by Lisa Burmann of Burmann Studios

with Hobbs 80/20 batting


Each block has a different polka dot fabric, as Samantha loves polka dots (that she calls polka POTS).  Her bedroom is lavender and pink, a very girly room.  Thanks to my friend Lisa for the perfect quilting!

A Stitch Here, a Binding Mishap There

Before I forget to mention this, please take a waltz over to Pippa’s blog at Welsh Quilts to see the bright yellow, whole-cloth and hand quilted masterpiece that she recently posted!   OMG, it is stunning!   Can you imagine the time it took to mark that quilt for stitching?  Amazing!

Yesterday I put the binding on Samantha’s “Pinwheel Polka Pots” quilt.  Yesterday I posted a link to a binding tutorial and said I always hand stitch the binding to the back.  Well, I got to thinking about it, and thought this might be the perfect quilt to have a machine-sewn binding, so I gave it a try.  Major FAIL!  I sewed the binding to the front of the quilt as usual.   Then I turned it around to the back, overlapped a smidge so that I could stitch in the ditch from the front to “grab” it, and things were whizzing along just fine.   And then… FAILURE.  I had gaps where the machine didn’t catch the binding on the back.

Back to the drawing board. 

You should know I have been known to ignore rules.  Here’s what I did to correct my problem.  I inserted the pins differently than what was shown in the tutorial.  Instead of putting the pins parallel running in the same direction as the binding, I put mine perpendicular to the binding.  I had been pulling out the pins as I came to them when they were parallel, and that allowed the binding to shift as I sewed.

This way with the pins perpendicular, I could keep the pins in place, and yes, I sewed right over them. 

I warned you that I break rules!

My old Bernina was quite content to sew over the pins this way, and the binding turned out fine.

Did you notice that I didn’t say “the binding turned out great?”  That’s because I really prefer the look of a hand-stitched binding on the back.  I don’t like the machine stitching showing.  So I will limit my use of this method to quilts that will be lovingly used, for machine quilted pieces that will receive a lot of washing, etc.  I won’t use this on my hand quilted quilts.

So Polka Pots is now finished, except for the label, a toss in the washer and then in the dryer.  Stay tuned!

It’s a Pineapple Quilt Day!

pineappleIf you’re  a hand quilter, you definitely need to go over to Tim’s blog and see his brand new Pineapple quilt!  The amount of hand quilting on it is astounding, and he has only worked on it since June. 

There’s a great binding tutorial on Stitched in Color that you also might want to check out.  It’s the method I use, except that I don’t zigzag the binding at the end.  I always sew the back side of the binding by hand.  But this method is great for doing miters.

If you are a regular reader of Michigan Quilts! you know that I have a day job that has nothing to do with fabric.  I took some time off this week for the birth of my grandson, Fischer.  Tuesday and Wednesday, I spent time at the hospital getting to know him, cuddling, holding, and all the wonderfulness that comes with a new baby.  This morning, I watched The Quilt Show’s episode with quilt artist and author Gyleen Fitzgerald, which was delightful! Gyleen showed us how she makes pieced pineapple quilts, and shows a great ruler for creating them.  I need to get her ruler, as that is one quilt I’ve thought about making. 

Towards the end of the show, Gyleenleslie_caron talked about how she got her name, which was very interesting and made me think about names.  I was adopted at four months old, and my mother loved the actress Leslie Caron, so she picked the name Caron as my first name.  Her best life-long friend, Alma Zivic, had a little girl whose middle name was Lee, so I was given the same middle name, leaving me as Caron Lee.

When I started high school, every student shared a locker with another person.  I imagine that the office staff had a fun time partnering people up for lockers, as I was assigned to a locker with a girl who was one year ahead of me.  Her name?  Caron Lee!  We are friends on Facebook, and continue to tease each other about our names to this day. 

sweetbabyMy grandson, Fischer also has a unique middle name.  Fischer Hayes Mosey takes his middle name from his Great Grandfather, Robert Hayes Covert.  Not only is it my father’s middle name, but it is also my brother’s, my nephew Brendan’s, and my grandpa Covert’s middle name.  The name goes back in the family as a last name to the late 1700’s, as Hayes was my Grandpa Covert’s grandmother’s last name.The name may go back farther, but that’s as far as we’ve been able to trace it.  It’s such a distinguished name: Fischer Hayes Mosey. I think he’ll be a president, CEO, or rocket scientist someday!

How did you get YOUR name?

Welcome, New Friends!

I am really enjoying visiting all the great links that you have added to the

Hand Quilting list!

I am adding your blogs to the list of blogs I follow in Google Reader, and sometime soon will be creating a list of hand quilters on the side of my blog’s page so that they are easier for us to find. 

It’s fun to see where new friends are from… for example, someone from Three Rivers, Michigan keeps visiting my blog.  I didn’t even know where Three Rivers was and had to look it up on Google Maps!  Hello, fellow Michigander from Three Rivers!

I also have heard from several quilters in the Netherlands, Finland, Holland, Norway, etc.  I have family from that area of the world, so it’s great to hear from you!


Keep on hand quilting… all around the world!