Pushing the delete button

When you leave a comment… it makes me smile.  Most of the time.  Let me explain.

I have my blog set up to automatically email me whenever I get a comment from somebody on my blog.  Since I have a smart phone that is always with me, I am notified of your comment the moment you send it to me (unless I'm in a meeting at work, that is…).  So all through the day, I get your delightful responses to articles on the blog.  I love to read what you are doing / thinking / stitching, etc.  And if I'm having “one of THOSE days,” your comments often provide the lift that I need just when I need it most.  (Example:  @Annemart for being such a supportive new friend!)
I also receive email comments that are not so uplifting, such as when a spammer (@Keith!) tries to promote his junk on my blog, or when a reader goes off on a rant about something that is not in any way related to the blog article they claim to have just read.  OR when several comments are left by quilters who are simply expressing their own opinion or process (which is fine), and then someone comes along and starts an argument about the previous opinions. It's an OPINION.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Just don't try and start a fight or condemn somebody on my blog!  My readers are my friends!  I don't need them assaulted verbally!  These kinds of comments also arrive on my smart phone, and immediately send me to the blog article to delete the comment.
I use my delete button strategically and carefully.  I think about it before it is pushed.  
I deleted four comments this morning for various reasons that I felt were justified. It is, after all, MY blog.  I love it when you come by, pour yourself a warm beverage and read, look around, and leave a comment.  Sometimes it feels like you've walked into my living room and we're sitting down having a chat.
Imagine how you'd feel if someone walked into your living room and started arguing with you or throwing nasty comments around?