Happy New Year from Michigan Quilts!



The last time we partied on New Year’s Eve was when my son Sean and his wife were married.  It was the best party we ever had on that festive night, and we really enjoyed ourselves.  My parents were also married on New Year’s Eve, though I was not there.  My son Loren’s wife was born on December 31st, so for our family, we have many reasons to celebrate.

So in honor of the occasion, my husband and I were asleep in bed by 10 PM Michigan time. I figure the new year will get here whether I stay up late or not, so I opted for then not.  And the Woodworker can snore on the couch or bed, so he was good with it.  Happy New Year!

Santa was very good to me this year, as always.  Santa knew about my list, of course, which I posted on Celebrate Hand Quilting. He supplied me with my favorite fabrics from the Moda Etchings line…








I love my new iPhone and downloaded the Robert Kaufman quilting app.

Reasons-for-Quilts-CoverTSanta slipped me some mad money, and I bought the book Reasons for Quilts by Edyta Sitar.   Love, love love this book!

As long as I’m mentioning quilt books, to go along with the Occupy movements and the BUY AMERICAN philosophy (for those of you reading this who are from U.S.A.), please, whenever possible, purchase quilt books directly from the author.  Quilt writers put SO much time and effort into their books, and their royalty payments really don’t compensate for their hard work (writing, designing, making patterns, creating directions, etc.).  When you buy directly from the author, you’re compensating them more for their work which will keep them writing more.  It’s like the philosophy behind supporting your local quilt shop (LQS).  So if you want Edyta’s book (which I think you will), please go here to get it:  http://www.laundrybasketquilts.com/Shop/shopindex.htm .owlmug


Santa remembered how much I love owls and brought me this adorable coffee mug that I just love!  If you click on the mug it will take you to a place where you can get one for yourself from the artist Jennifer Falter.



Loren and Margaret also remembered that I love owls and gave me these shakers:








Today is my last day off work with The Woodworker.  We have nothing planned… it’s a “relax and do what you want” kind of day.  I think I’ll try a little sewing.  I have a mug rug to make!

Happy New Year!

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year from Michigan Quilts!

  1. Hi Caron, I love the owls and the books! And thanks for the advice to buy from the author. I will remember that when buying my next book!

    To be sure, it is indeed 2012 now, with or without you staying awake to burn the midnight oil.;-) Smart choice when you need it!
    Enjoy your new Iphone, there are great apps to find! Check out for instance ColorSchemer and Infinite Variety, both free and I think both worth giving your attention to!


  2. Caron,
    I definitely buy American when I can since I live here. It's important to me.

    I bought that very book from Edyta and it is one of my favorites. Plus, she signed it since I bought straight from her 🙂

    Have a wonderful new year!


  3. LOL – I was in bed by 10pm also – but the fireworks and gunshots woke me. Happy New Year, Caron! Lovely fabrics you got. And what a great idea to buy direct from the author, never even thought of that, thank you!

    Can't wait to see your new mug rug for your darling owl mug – love the shakers too!


  4. Caron,
    Looking for a little help, today. I just finished hand piecing a large (89″ x 89″) quilt top. I am trying to decide what type of batting to use. I will be hand quilting the quilt. What is your favorite batting to use?


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