Crazy busy–Stab stitching

The last week has been a very busy one for me, and the rest of January will be as well.  I’m preparing for a Certified Pharmacy Technician Exam to be taken on January 28th, which means I have quite a bit of studying to do. YIKES!  It’s not a certification I NEED to have for my job, but it will look good.

Do you know what “stab stitching” is in quilting?  Do you quilt with a stab stitch?  If so, please drop by the Celebrate Hand Quilting blog and chime in on the subject, now currently under discussion.  If you stab stitch, can you post a video on your blog and let us know where it is?  More information is needed on this topic.iv1

Until next time, I’m off to study measurement conversions, legend and generic drugs, and how to compute IV drips.

Say a prayer for me, please!

6 thoughts on “Crazy busy–Stab stitching

  1. Good luck with studying for your exam! That sounds like a great line of work!

    I have never stabbed-stitched, but now am quite intrigued. I'm like you in that I've only ever done it in the tough spots. I'm wondering if it will help save my fingers from being sore.


  2. Well good for you Caron, I know you'll do well – but I'll send up a few prayers for you too! I'm not even sure what a stab stitch is…how pathetic…but I'm NOT a conventional hand quilter, lol! No hoop, no frame…


  3. Good luck with your certification Caron and I hope everything will go well.
    The stabstitching is intriguing isn't it? Who is using it how for what… And I just used it to get over an awful ridge in my work!


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