I have the fabric…

Did you ever buy fabric because you just adore it and want a quilt in it, but are too afraid to cut into it?  Santa got me four fabrics from the Etchings line, and I’m SO in love with it.  I can imagine it in so many different quilts and can see it in my mind’s eye… and yet, when I think about starting to cut it to prepare one of those quilts, I shudder with fear.  I don’t want to destroy the fabric.

fearAm I weird?

(don’t answer that…)

9 thoughts on “I have the fabric…

  1. I do the same thing. I have stacks and stacks of pieces I love too much to cut into. I never want to cut into the bigger pieces (What if I make something down the road and I'm short by whatever tiny sliver I cut off?)

    I have developed such an “I can't cut into THAT one” phobia, that I am now making quilts that have teeny, tiny pieces, so I can use up my (teeny, tiny!!!) scraps instead of cutting into bigger pieces.


  2. If you use it now there is more of the same fabric to buy if you make a mistake…. If you wait for a year or two to use it and you need more or need corrections… there is no way in HECK you will find more of the fabric except to steal it from another quilting hoarder….





  3. I know exactly what you mean – a year ago I won a one yard cut of hand dyed fabric with a very unique design going through it. I haven't a clue what to make with it and I hate cutting into it because of the design – I need to give it more thought.


  4. If you are weird, so am I. I have fabric that I love to look at, but haven't been able to cut up yet. I'm not afraid of ruining it, but just love the whole expanse of it. I'll probably have to do something with large pieces. IF I ever cut it up.


  5. Etchings is a BEAUTIFUL line of fabric! I think part of it is that because I'm a hand quilter and work a full-time job, I don't crank out quilt after quilt like some people are able. I have such a large amount of stash already, but in smaller pieces. So when Santa brought me 2.5 yards each of the four fabrics I loved the most, the urge to hang on to such a treasure is overwhelming! I just want to make sure that the pattern I choose to use does the fabric justice, and I will take my time and really enjoy the quilting making process with this one. I WILL use the fabric… but I want to savour it. Does that make sense?


  6. I still have a fabric I bought in Houston 2007, hand dyed, cotton sateen, just to beautiful to cut. I think I will never. Just feel it, hold it, keep it and look at it. And then put it back in the drawer. Some fabrics are too beautiful.


  7. I understand what you are saying!
    The thinking about it and the planning how to use it is almost the most fun part of making a quilt. Once you start, the imagination and expectations are over….it' a lot like a beautifull wrapped package! you just know there is something wonderful inside but once it is opened the expectations and excitement are over….
    Savor the thinking about it


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