Random Thoughts on a Saturday

I miss George Carlin.  Really! Click on his name to watch one of his clips.


My old Bernina needs a trip to the doctor.  Going to call him Monday.




This quilt on my bed needs to be replaced.  It’s getting all frayed, and has a few places where the seams have come apart.  SIGH.  I have a new one in mind, but I just need to create it.




I like this leaf.  I have a quilt in mind that uses this leaf.  Stay tuned… for a few years.  It will happen.



It finally snowed in Michigan.  It took a long time, but there’s snow out there.  In my mDSC02271ind, I went walking along the river in the snow.  It was so serene.  In my mind.  Outside of my mind, I cuddled with the cat on the couch all day and studied.




Please say a prayer for the Nickell family from my town.  They are preparing to bury their Eagle Scout on Monday.  God, please wrap your arms around them all.



We’re studying. I’m watching to make sure mom is doing it right.
Stormie Cat