Random Thoughts on a Saturday

I miss George Carlin.  Really! Click on his name to watch one of his clips.


My old Bernina needs a trip to the doctor.  Going to call him Monday.




This quilt on my bed needs to be replaced.  It’s getting all frayed, and has a few places where the seams have come apart.  SIGH.  I have a new one in mind, but I just need to create it.




I like this leaf.  I have a quilt in mind that uses this leaf.  Stay tuned… for a few years.  It will happen.



It finally snowed in Michigan.  It took a long time, but there’s snow out there.  In my mDSC02271ind, I went walking along the river in the snow.  It was so serene.  In my mind.  Outside of my mind, I cuddled with the cat on the couch all day and studied.




Please say a prayer for the Nickell family from my town.  They are preparing to bury their Eagle Scout on Monday.  God, please wrap your arms around them all.

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on a Saturday

  1. I am so sorry about this family. Oh that is just so hard. I will certainly be praying for them.

    Love the random thoughts. It was pretty watching the snow come down this moring. It kind of looked like being in a snow globe.

    I miss George Carlin too. He was a hoot.


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