An Adopted Album Quilt

This is a quilt top that I purchased back in the late 1970’s – early 80’s.  I loved the scrappy look of it, so I hand quilted it as it was and kept it for several years until I sold it.  You can still find some good buys on quilt tops if you know where to look.  Tim Latimer, also a hand quilter from Michigan, has found many beautiful tops and blocks and given them life by hand quilting them and seeing them to completion.  It’s kind of like adopting a rescue dog or cat.  You take it the way it comes to you, you give it love and attention so that it can be the best it can be.

Go ahead – adopt a quilt!

A Smattering of Fabric


A pretty applique quilt I sold years ago on Ebay…It looked like a kit to me.


This quilt was fairly heavy with a thick cotton batting.  I no longer have this one, either.


I found this photo on the Internet years ago… the person who owned it lived in Greenwich, Connecticut.  I love the layout, but my!  What a lot of work!


I love a good Snail’s Trail quilt!  This one caught my eye…

Isn’t this a cute border?!?!


These pictures came from random folders on my computer.  Now, I am keeping photos like these on Pinterest so I can capture more information about the photo.  If you want to be on Pinterest and need an invitation, let me know.