A Smattering of Fabric


A pretty applique quilt I sold years ago on Ebay…It looked like a kit to me.


This quilt was fairly heavy with a thick cotton batting.  I no longer have this one, either.


I found this photo on the Internet years ago… the person who owned it lived in Greenwich, Connecticut.  I love the layout, but my!  What a lot of work!


I love a good Snail’s Trail quilt!  This one caught my eye…

Isn’t this a cute border?!?!


These pictures came from random folders on my computer.  Now, I am keeping photos like these on Pinterest so I can capture more information about the photo.  If you want to be on Pinterest and need an invitation, let me know.

2 thoughts on “A Smattering of Fabric

  1. Now I am a silly Dutch girl, who doesn't know nothing, cause Blond with a capital B. What is Pinterest?!;-)
    If I can find pictures there from quilts like these, I want it NOW!LOL


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