Yes We Can, Jane quilt update number 6

I have three pretty UNglamorous and UNexciting pictures for you today to share the quilting progress thus far.  Showing the back of the quilt actually makes the progress easier to see than the front, as the quilting that I have done since update number 5 is all straight lines at the seams. 




Because these pictures are so boring, here’s one to make you smile (at least it makes ME smile!)

Our little biker baby Fischer…


Sound asleep…

7 thoughts on “Yes We Can, Jane quilt update number 6

  1. Caron, your quilting stitch is gorgeous! I love to hand quilt but do not do it near often enough though I have one very do-able finish up project for the year. I would be interested in getting your take or the hand quilting groups take on whether you should hand quilt through a redwork embroidery quilt.

    I have got to find a picture of the FRONT of your Dear Jane. That is one project that I have longed to do for years and years. Maybe once I get that Oxmoor House Christmas quilt out of my head and the top done up!?


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