Mom’s Featherweight Singer, circa 1937


Special thanks to the Woodworker for detailing mom’s old Singer Featherweight sewing machine for me today.  This machine (Model 221-1)has been in my basement since 2008 when Dad told me to take it home with me.  Mom passed away in the spring of 2007, and for awhile he didn’t want to part with it.  Mom always intended me to have the machine, but I honored his need to have it in their house. 

My mom received this machine as a gift from her Aunt when she graduated from high school.  She sewed all her own clothes, and when I was adopted, she sewed most of mine until I was about 8.  She made all my dresses for high school dances (except for one), including my prom dress.  Everything was sewn on this machine.

So Mom’s machine has been in my basement for a few years.  I couldn’t bring myself to bring it out and put it to use, as it brought back so many memories.  Now I want to let the machine continue her work, so dear hubby was kind enough to go over the machine today and clean it up.  It was in pretty good shape and fairly clean.  Now I need to learn how to use it!  It threads differently than my old Bernina and Pfaff machines, and it has only two stitches:  forward and backward. 

I know I can do this.  Mom’s up there watching over me.