Double Irish Chain and Short Yes We Can, Jane Update

I’ve been meaning to make this for a couple of years now… my bed needs a new every-day quilt.   So I started a Double Irish Chain.  Here’s the first block…


I’ve had the lighter fabric for YEARS and YEARS… lots of it!  So I was determined to use it somehow.  Our bedroom is green, and the furniture white and brown.  The brown fabric is a textural blender… light and dark areas.  The green is a cotton that I bought a bolt of back in the mid-1980’s.  I’m trying to use it up!  I think I might have enough of these fabrics to also make a pieced backing, which should be fun.  Time will tell!  The Woodworker just wanted to be sure that the quilt wouldn’t have too much pink in it.  I think it will be fine, and I ‘m going to quilt it with a tan thread.  So one (15 inch) block down, lots more to go!  But they go together fairly easily.

Yes, I know I have a pile of clothes on my chair!   This picture is several years old.  There are different clothes on the chair today!   LOL  Anyway, I’m not going to hand quilt this quilt.  It will be quilted on my mid-arm machine as a practice piece.  It’s going to get daily wear, so machine quilting will be fine.

I’m still working on the Obama quilt.  Here are a few more blocks:




I love this little block made by Linda Starkey!  I didn’t want to put too much quilting on it, as I wanted the star to stand on its own.  Teeny, tiny piecing in the middle!  Have I told you that these blocks are only 4.5 inches square?






This block was still in the hoop when I took its picture…It’s called Buckeye Beauty, made by Holly Sweet.  Isn’t it… sweet?   (Sorry, I couldn’t resist!)












And another red one!  This picture makes it look crooked, but I assure you that it is not.  It’s also in the hoop.

Adelaine’s Apron Strings, by Kathy Timmons.  Love her choice of fabric for this!  Very elegant!

That’s it for now!