Yes We Can, Jane quilt update number 12


Another update of the quilting progress on the Obama quilt:


Visit to Town by Susan Sweeten

Hannah Lou’s Hearts by Ruth Gregg


Trooper Green’s Badge by Caroline Van Maele

Melissa’s Cross by Elizabeth Brandt


Proof Through The Night by Nancee Marchinowski

Remembering Columbine
Patti Baymiller


Bear’s Paw by Linda Boyle

I think the hardest part of a project like this – one in which people from all around the world contribute blocks – is in the gathering of information.  I still don’t have names for many of the blocks that were submitted, though we have determined the maker of each block. 

Photos are being taken as I finish quilting each block, and while the block is still in my quilting hoop. At times, it’s difficult to photograph the block so it comes out square.  All blocks ARE square in the quilt, but the photo sometimes skews the photo.  It is especially difficult to photograph when there is a heavy weight on part of the quilt that will not move.


Official Quilt Inspector, Sleeping on Duty

Susan McCord’s final quilt at Henry Ford Museum

The Henry Ford  Museum has acquired the last quilt made by famous quilter Susan McCord, a Triple Irish Chain quilt, circa 1900.



 Please click here to visit it on the Henry Ford blog.