Blogging Etiquette for Quilters

From time to time it’s always a good idea to review or get back to the basics. Whether it’s math, gardening, driving safety – whatever the topic, take time to refresh your knowledge from time to time!

Let’s think about blogging etiquette for a minute. There are some big basics that we can all benefit from.

Commenting on someone else’s blog:

1) It is not necessary to leave a comment on every post that someone makes.  Even if it’s your best friend’s blog, don’t comment every single time they write and article.  It comes across as if you’re stalking them.  Keep your comments for important issues, or when you REALLY have something worthwhile to say that relates to the post.

2) Your comment should RELATE TO THE POST under which you are leaving a comment.

3) Think twice before you leave a comment to advertise yourself, a product or service you are selling, or to publicize your own blog or website.  That is extremely tacky and never appreciated. 

4) Don’t argue with the writer.  A blogger has the right to post his or her own opinion on his/her blog.  It is their blog.  If you disagree, you have two options.  1)  Email the person privately and explain how you feel in a nice, polite manner.  2) Leave a comment, but be especially gracious in your wording. Example: “Thanks for sharing your methods for marking your quilts for hand quilting.  It’s always nice to see how other quilters work.  When I mark my quilts, I usually do… (your method), but I’ll give yours a try.  Who knows?  I might like it better! 

Give credit where credit is due:
1) Whenever you cite another website, provide a link to that site
2) Always get permission to include someone else’s photo on your blog, and provide a link to their site
3) Nobody likes a know-it-all.  Be humble.  Do unto others… let others shine. 
4) Don’t be pushy.  If your blog is all about selling yourself or your product to others, it will become annoying very quickly.  Be genuine.  
4) Beware of blogs that constantly ask you to share a link on their site with Linky or some other such tool.  Linking tools have a purpose, but when they are used regularly on a site, I am always skeptical.  When used regularly by a blogger, their purpose is to drive traffic to that blog.

Be a friendly blogger!

One thought on “Blogging Etiquette for Quilters

  1. Hello — well said!

    Found your blog by looking for any other blogging quilters in MI.

    I am impressed that you do so much hand quilting…and your stitches are lovely! My great grandmother inspired me to quilt (she was a very accomplished HQ, too), but I've never handquilted anything as large as a full-sized project.

    My hand work is tasked to crazy quilting pieces and the odd miniature. My topstitching is free-motion on an older standard-sized, home Bernina, and I am happy to have mastered that skill. In truth, I do still finish binding my quilts by hand, and applying the sleeves that way, too, but I haven't enough patience to handquilt the way you do. Bravo!

    Perhaps you'll drop by one day and look at some of my work – I'd be honored.

    Have a great spring!

    Bethany –


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