Yes We Can, Jane quilt update number 13

I can’t believe I haven’t posted an update on the Obama quilt since March 4, but I haven’t.  I’ve been busy on many things, and I have been quilting, just not daily on this quilt.  Don’t you wish there were more hours in the day?  We watched our newest grandson the past 4 days.  It was my intention to quilt whenever he was taking a nap, however, he just turned 5 months old today, and is teething.  Very few naps were taken by anyone while he was here, so very little quilting got done.  And now, Grammy needs a nap!
Here is what has been accomplished on the blocks since May 4th.  Additional hand quilting HAS taken place in the sashing as well, but that is boring to look at!


Stephanie’s Snowflake by Cheryl Camp

Dresden Plate by Linda Starkey


Malle Star 1 by Liz Ewing


Malle Star 2 by Liz Ewing

Star by Jean Amundsen

Honey Bee by Gayle McKay

”Thanks to the Obamas, we now have honey bees in the White House garden for the first time since FDR was in office.”


Left and Right, Black and White by Gayle McKay

If you want to hand quilt, you can use a hoop like I do for most of my quilting now, or you can use a large frame.  If you don’t have a frame, take a look at the great tutorial Sara has put on the Celebrate Hand Quilting blog.  What a GREAT idea!

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