Yes We Can, Jane quilt update number 14


It’s allergy season in Michigan, much to my dismay.  I spent the afternoon yesterday quilting and dealing with itchy eyes and drippy nose, but got a lot of stitching accomplished.  More quilting will happen today, as nothing has changed regarding my allergy symptoms. But it does give me almost a full day of quilting, listening to podcasts, and watching HGTV.

IMG_0906 Pinwheel  by Andrea Koziol
Jewel Star by Kathy Timmons IMG_0794
IMG_0799 Bachelor Buttons by Linda Boyle
Michelle’s Medley by Barbara De Nike
IMG_0807 Arizona Cactus Flower by Susan Mina
Star  of  Destiny by  Jean Amundsen IMG_0896
IMG_0898 Doris’ Dilemma by Kathy Timmons
Reflections Abound by Nancee Marchinowski IMG_0900
IMG_0903 Maze of Madness by Kathy Havelka
Church Windows by  Barbara De Nike IMG_0904
IMG_0905 Doris’ Dilemma  Andrea Koziol


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