Are you getting much quilting accomplished?

There isn’t a day that goes by that a handful or more of my friends on Facebook invite me to play an online game with them.

There are hundreds of blogs I would like to read.  Some I do read.  Others I skim. (Sorry)
I like to stay current with news of the quilting and non-quilting variety.
I enjoy watching videos:  of quilting, from The Quilt Show, of cats and dogs and owls and such.
I’ve written two quilting books.  I’d like to write more, as I love writing.  But…
I’d like to finish the novel I started.
I love doing family genealogy and research.
I have penpals from around the world… Hi Annemart!  Hi Tanya!  Hi Wendy! Hi Julie!  Hi Helen!  Hi Pippa and Sara!
I love hanging out on Pinterest. I like pinning quilts.  I like seeing pinned quilts.

I could go on and on about all the things I love about the computer, but I won’t. 
You see, I have other things I want to do that have a closer tie to quilting.  You know quilting, right?  Where you hold fabric in your hands, you have a needle and thread that goes in and out of the fabric? You’ve seen that before, right?

So I have decided that I need to TOUCH fabric more.  I need to caress it more and do more things with it.  Maybe you would like doing that, too.  So I guess the best way to do that is to follow the directions in this picture.  Let’s try it and see if it helps. You can report back from time to time and let me know how it’s going with you.  Just don’t use your computer to do that.  LOL