Yes We Can, Jane quilt update number 18

Sorry for my blog absence… I‘ve received lots of emails wondering if I was OK. Other than a little upset tummy on Friday, I have been fine.  We had a major storm blow through the State of Michigan , and the area where I live had what some are calling the “Hundred Year Flood.”  Schools all through our county (Genesee) were closed Friday, and because of my icky tummy I was up all night watching the lightening and listening to the rain and hail beat on our house. 


I took the photo below around the corner from my house.  This yard sits next to a small creek, that flooded up hill into the yard almost to the driveway.

Flood2I opted to stay home on Friday, catch up on sleep, and work on our quilt.  I’ve tried to stay away from the computer as much as possible lately  and focus more time on finishing the quilting.  The photos below show more completions, but it isn’t finished yet!

IMG_1157 The Pace of Congress by Gayle McKay
Papa’s Star for Malia by Linda Starkey star
IMG_1170 Opening Gates by Kathy Timmons
Hexagon Flower by Valerie Langue IMG_1173
IMG_1174 Flag by Jeannine Hanner
Obama’s 2009 Halloween by Caroline Van Maele IMG_1176
IMG_1178 Block by Linda Starkey
Block by Christine Olson IMG_1182
IMG_1225 Heart and Hand by Ruth Gregg
Town Square by Kathy Timmons IMG_1226
IMG_1227 Pineapple by Judy Lindsay
Tennessee by Kathy Timmons IMG_1228
IMG_1230 Washington’s Puzzle by Kathy Timmons
Kimono With Obi, by Gayle McKay IMG_1231

More to come!  We’re nearing the finish line!

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