Yes We Can, Jane quilt update number 19

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone! 

It’s a beautiful day in Michigan… hope your day is just as lovely!

Just a few pictures today to update you on the process of the quilt.  The quilting is almost finished!

E3 Basket by Linda Frihart
H3 Flowers by Betty Grant
I3 Star by Linda Frihart
J3 Pink flower by Andrea Kozoil

A reminder to all the ladies who have participated in the making of the Obama quilt:  If you haven’t yet sent Elizabeth a photo of yourself, please do so ASAP.  She is waiting on those.  If you don’t remember how to contact her using her email, please use our Yahoo group to get a message to her or to post your photo in your photo album on the site.

We are also looking for someone to make the label for the quilt.  If labels are “your thing,” please contact me (Caron) and let me know.  An embroidered label would be lovely!


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