Yes We Can, Jane quilt update number 20

The quilting is now complete, and all that remains to be done is:

  • A hanging sleeve for the back
  • Sewing the binding on by machine
  • Hand stitching the binding closed with mitered corners
  • Washing the quilt (gasp)
  • Sewing on the label (still unsure as to who will be making the label)
IMG_1370 Duff’s Bluff by Elizabeth Brandt
IMG_1372 Bright Star by Nancee Marchinowski
IMG_1373 God’s Eye by Carrie Dominguez
IMG_1377 Block by Sue Mohr
IMG_1380 Block by Valerie Langue
IMG_1381 Block by Valerie Langue
IMG_1384 Lemoyne Star by Betty Grant
IMG_1407 Michelle’s Garden by Ruth Davis
This little block has 33 pieces in it!
IMG_1417 Ohio Star by Ruth Garrett
IMG_1419 Brandon’s Star by Fernande Authuys
IMG_1412 A larger photo will be posted after the steps at the top of this post have been taken. 


8 thoughts on “Yes We Can, Jane quilt update number 20

  1. What an accomplishment! Finishing any quilt is a feat, but to complete a group effort is much more complicated…kind of like democracy:)

    Elizabeth in MI


  2. Oh my gosh! This came out amazing! Your quilting is absolutely stunning! Thank you so much for all the love and time you've put into this group project… What a thrill to be part of it! Hugs, ruthiequilts aka Ruthie in Utah, Ruth Davis


  3. Absolutely beautiful! It's been a wonderful experience being involved in this project, and I hope that the Obama family enjoys the time and effort that everyone has put into this quilt.


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