Michigan Quilter Takes Over the World!!!


I received an email this morning from Kathie over at  http://inspiredbyantiquequilts.  I love her blogs!  Anyway, she wondered why people were telling her that when they did a search looking for her on the Internet, my picture and name popped up and it looks like I have taken over her blog!  OMG!

So I’ve started to dig into the problem, and posted questions looking for help all over.  

I posted a question about our problem here: 

I also found out that there are other blogs that look like I “took” over (“have” me as the author).
How do we fix this?  It looks like I’m taking over other people’s blogs, and I’ve done nothing!  It’s obviously a Google issue, but I feel like people are looking at me and thinking, “Evil, evil woman!”

Step one:   Earth
Step two:   The Milky Way Galaxy
Step three: The entire universe