Michigan Quilter Takes Over the World!!!


I received an email this morning from Kathie over at  http://inspiredbyantiquequilts.  I love her blogs!  Anyway, she wondered why people were telling her that when they did a search looking for her on the Internet, my picture and name popped up and it looks like I have taken over her blog!  OMG!

So I’ve started to dig into the problem, and posted questions looking for help all over.  

I posted a question about our problem here: 

I also found out that there are other blogs that look like I “took” over (“have” me as the author).
How do we fix this?  It looks like I’m taking over other people’s blogs, and I’ve done nothing!  It’s obviously a Google issue, but I feel like people are looking at me and thinking, “Evil, evil woman!”

Step one:   Earth
Step two:   The Milky Way Galaxy
Step three: The entire universe


7 thoughts on “Michigan Quilter Takes Over the World!!!

  1. Sweet Caron, you also have got my blog “Quilt duffy”. It looks like it might have some connection to Celebrate Hand Quilting. Most of those blogs on your list is authors there as well!?!


  2. quilters share anyways…LOL

    I hope they let you know how to straighten out even though I would love to be associated with all the above named they are great blogs


  3. Man, It sure is great to have someone who knows how to use a computer in charge here! It will keep this unruly group in line. Can we also blame you when we muck up or our stitches get too big?


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