I’m going to Houston!

I'm going to Houston's International Quilt Festival in November!

Well, not me, personally… my Decision Portrait is going as part of an exhibit of forty Decision Portraits by artist Susan Lenz  headed to Quilt, Inc.'s big INTERNATIONAL QUILT FESTIVAL in Houston, Texas this coming November! 

Susan's Decision Portraits have been curated into an exhibition headed to Quilt's Inc.'s gigantic INTERNATIONAL QUILT SHOW this coming November 1 – 4. From Susan's blog at http://artbysusanlenz.blogspot.com/2012/06/week-since-my-last-post-decision.html  “This is a really, really big deal. Last year's show shattered former attendance records with 60,680 in attendance for the four day event. The show is the world's largest annual quilt show and sale. I am SO HONORED to have my work going to this venue and for the support Quilt's, Inc. has given to me. 
So if you are at IQF in Houston in early November, stop by and say Hi.  I won't be able to say hello back, but know that I will be thinking of you!

Picture courtesy Susan Lenz

4 thoughts on “I’m going to Houston!

  1. Congratulations! That is a huge deal, Caron. I've been to Houston for the quilt show twice and it was fabulous both times. We missed it last year because of Grandma Vivian's 100th birthday party. I'm hoping to go this year, even though it will fall on her 101st birthday. Sigh. Maybe be can party early. I'll definitely look for your quilt if I get to go. I take it that it will be in a non-juried exhibition, right? Those are always fabulous, and the vendors are out of this world, though it was so crowded the first day you could barely move through the booths. I'm glad to hear about the attendence record being set in 2011 becuase 2010 was definitely smaller than 2009, at least there were many fewer booths.

    Congratulations again,
    Susan in Texas


  2. Thanks so much for sharing this great news! I'm very excited. While this exhibition isn't a “juried” show, believe me … it's not easy to be selected for this amazing opportunity! There's a proposal, long distance discussion, sponsorship, and plenty of paperwork involved. I'm sure that the Decision Portrait Series was selected because it is work that touches people. The participants' stories are so compelling, thought-provoking, and personal. I could not have created such a series without these wonderful people who, like you Caron, shared an important decision, a significant life moment. Thank you so much!


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