For when you need a break from quilting

The woodworker turned me on to a great website that has nothing to do what-so-ever with quilting, but you really need to go see it.  If you can’t bare to look at something that’s non quilt related, imagine yourself quilting in these cabins in any season… the peace, quiet and beauty all around you.

Pour yourself a drink (your choice), and get lost in .

41 pages of cabins! No, there’s no nudity!  Check it out!

Did you sign up?

Have you registered to win a ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR GIFT CERTIFICATE yet? 

If not, head over to and look around at all the great hand quilting, then sign up to enter the contest!  Contest ends July 3rd at midnight, lucky winner will be picked July 4th, and there will be celebrations and fireworks all around the United States!   LOL 

Spread the word!