I Love Surprises!

Our Route

What a beautiful day we had on Saturday in Michigan!  The Woodworker and I hopped on the motorcycle mid-morning and drove north, visiting the small towns of Merrill, Breckenridge, Saint Louis, Ithaca, Saint Johns, Owosso and then back home to Flushing. We also went through several additional “small towns” (4 corners and a stop sign) that were close to being ghost towns. I’m sure at one time they merited attention, but now they shouldn’t even be on the map!

We pulled into Merrill as it was getting close to lunchtime, so the Woodworker pulled the bike into a parking space downtown to look at a map and see where we wanted to eat. I looked up, and to my amazement, he had parked right in front of the quilt shop “Miles of Stitches.” He looked up at the sign, realized what it was, and said, “Ok, go ahead.” So I did!

What a sweet (and large) shop!!! The gals were very friendly,and I was amazed at the ton of fabric that they carried – lots of batiks and other yummy fabrics that are hard to resist. One thing I loved about the shop was the large teaching area that they have. I’d LOVE to teach a class there! If you haven’t been to Miles of Stitches , you should plan a visit. Tell them Caron sent you!

 After looking around and shopping, we headed to lunch in Breckenridge, where we spotted this cute old truck parked outside the Anschutz Cafe. Isn’t it adorable?  
Just two short weeks until my teaching gig in Toledo! I’m really looking forward to spending the day with this great group of quilters, as we study and work on some little four-and-a-half-inch blocks. We’re going to improve our applique, and look at colors and settings for some great quilts.

 Can’t wait!

Published by Caron Mosey at Michigan Quilts! 2012.

Don’t be a Lemming

As I watch what quilters post on their blogs and what they share in (my) quilt guild, I'm noticing more and more that we are copy cats (or lemmings)!    Think about it… Dear Jane, Dear Hannah, Beyond the Cherry Tree, Winding Ways, Stack n' Whack, big block modern quilts, braids, jelly pops, kit quilts, etc.  We play follow the leader, and make quilts that our friends or quilting celebrities have made in either THEIR colors or (gasp) our own.  These can all be very beautiful and wonderfully constructed, but there are SO many more patterns out there that we can pick from!

I don't know about you, but my bookshelf has dozens (OK, hundreds) of quilt books with thousands and thousands of patterns.  Do you have an encyclopedia of quilt patterns?  I think I have twenty!  
So here's my challenge to you – even if it's just a small quilt…

Dig through your quilt patterns and encyclopedias and find a pattern that you haven't seen in anybody's quilt, draft it, and sew it!  Search for that lonely pattern that is just begging to be seen!  It wants your attention and love!  Gosh, maybe we'll start a NEW trend!
Go ahead – be UNIQUE!

Why I didn’t sew yesterday

IMG_1959[1] IMG_1960[1]
bird black swans
McCaw something
chickens goat

We visited my youngest son (Loren) and his wife (Margaret) yesterday in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  What a fun afternoon!  We had lunch in an Irish pub downtown, then went and visited “her animals” where she works for a veterinarian.  I had such a fun time, I though I’d share some of the critters with you! 

And because I know you’re REALLY here to see some stitching, I’ll toss this in so you don’t feel neglected.


Dear Samantha Jane: Right row

I didn’t get this posted yesterday, but I attached the row on the far right yesterday.  I’m liking how this is turning out, though it is quickly outgrowing my design wall.


For some reason, there is an area in the middle of the bottom third of the quilt that seems to have more fabric in it, and it wants to “waffle: somewhat.  I need to play with that as I go to work it out so that it lies flat.  Hmmmm.  Any thoughts?


Dear Samantha Jane: Mental Health Day

There are times when you have more going on in your life that wants to beat you down.  I’ve been going through such a time, and after yesterday’s fiasco, I decided to use one of my paid days off and fit in a three day weekend.  So I’m calling this a “mental health day.”  And, as all quilters know, there’s nothing better to get your brain focused, de-stressed and back in business better than a day spent sewing. 

Goal one today:  Sew another row and attach to the top of the quilt.  Check.


Time to hit the shower, get groceries, and head back to the sewing machine to work on another row, this time right side of quilt. (Remember, the goal is a very SCRAPPY quilt!)

Boy, I feel better already!