Dear Samantha Jane: Right row

I didn’t get this posted yesterday, but I attached the row on the far right yesterday.  I’m liking how this is turning out, though it is quickly outgrowing my design wall.


For some reason, there is an area in the middle of the bottom third of the quilt that seems to have more fabric in it, and it wants to “waffle: somewhat.  I need to play with that as I go to work it out so that it lies flat.  Hmmmm.  Any thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Dear Samantha Jane: Right row

  1. Hi Caron, it seems to be around the pieced wheel with the triangles on the outside in red purple. Am I correct? The one right from the white “sun”? Could it be something with the bias?
    Would blocking help? Or stipple quilting on the back ground fabric?


  2. Checking it out again, it could also be the appliqued pinkish one, just above the white sun, the only one not pieced. Could it be a tiny bit smaller than the rest? Just trying to help, no straight answers!


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