Don’t be a Lemming

As I watch what quilters post on their blogs and what they share in (my) quilt guild, I'm noticing more and more that we are copy cats (or lemmings)!    Think about it… Dear Jane, Dear Hannah, Beyond the Cherry Tree, Winding Ways, Stack n' Whack, big block modern quilts, braids, jelly pops, kit quilts, etc.  We play follow the leader, and make quilts that our friends or quilting celebrities have made in either THEIR colors or (gasp) our own.  These can all be very beautiful and wonderfully constructed, but there are SO many more patterns out there that we can pick from!

I don't know about you, but my bookshelf has dozens (OK, hundreds) of quilt books with thousands and thousands of patterns.  Do you have an encyclopedia of quilt patterns?  I think I have twenty!  
So here's my challenge to you – even if it's just a small quilt…

Dig through your quilt patterns and encyclopedias and find a pattern that you haven't seen in anybody's quilt, draft it, and sew it!  Search for that lonely pattern that is just begging to be seen!  It wants your attention and love!  Gosh, maybe we'll start a NEW trend!
Go ahead – be UNIQUE!